Q. Tell us about (your clinic or salon)

We are a Medical Clinic with Medical Graded products.

Q. How long have you stocked Environ?

For 10 years

Q. Do you have a favourite Environ product and/or service/must have item? (individual responses)

The Skin EssentiA AVST Gel

Q. What would be your best skincare tips and/or advice?

There’s too many things to tell – but basically if you use Environ then in years to come you won’t need to have fillers etc. Environ is an investment and 70% of Anti-Ageing can be done at home with Environ.

Q. How do you incorporate Environ into your services?

We incorporate Environ into every consult whether it be for Botox, Fillers etc – if skin isn’t healthy then any other treatment we do will not get our clients the results they are looking for.

Q. What technology do you incorporate/utilise to document your clients skincare journey? Why is it important to your business to record these results?

Endermology, Facials, Fillers, IPL, Botox, PRP, Mole Removal, Pelleve – Any rx I do I inform about Environ and how it will benefit them.

Q. How does Environ factor into a successful skin transformation?

It is a medical requirement and my duty of care.