Welcome to Vitahealth – Distributor of Environ® Skincare for WA, SA & NT.

We believe that skin has a life of its own and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look beautiful and healthy for life. For this reason, we actively pursue and work with only the best products in skincare science to skillfully and consistently develop best-in-class, scientifically researched and developed products that work with skin.

For this reason, we choose to work with Award-winning skincare brand, Environ® who is a world leader in skincare, anti-ageing science and technology. Our aim and objective are to assist, educate and help everyone no matter what age, gender, skin colour or lifestyle on how to achieve and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime.

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Environ 2020 Festive Packs

Spoil your loved one this Christmas with one of our Festive Packs;


Receive your FREE FULL-SIZE SEBU-CLEAR MASQUE 50ML with the purchase of Sebu-Wash 150ml, Sebu-Lac Lotion 60ml and Sebu-ACE Oil 60ml.


Receive your FREE RAD SPF 15 100ML with the purchase of a Skin EssentiA® Cleansing Lotion 200ml, Moisturising Toner 200ml, any level 1-5 AVST Moisturiser 50ml.


This value pack contains a Youth EssentiA® Eye Gel 10ml, Revival Masque 15ml, Hydrating Oil Capsules 10s, Super Moisturiser 15ml and Antioxidant Gel 15ml.


Receive your FREE YOUTH ESSENTIA® EYE GEL 10ML with the purchase of the Youth EssentiA® Toner 200ml, Defence Crème 35ml or Defence Crème Plus 35ml, and any level C-Quence Serum 1-4 Plus 35ml.

*While stocks last. Inc GST.

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Essentials Starter Pack


With approximately a billion products on the market, it’s safe to say that knowing what skincare to use has become rather confusing.

Our aim is to KEEP.IT.SIMPLE. What we offer is what we believe, to be the best way to kick start your healthy skincare journey.

Included in our Essentials Starter pack:

  • 200ml Environ® Skin EssentiA® Low Foam Cleansing Gel Gel
    OR Skin EssentiA® Cleansing Lotion 200ml
  • 200ml Moisturising Toner and
  • 50 ml AVST Moisturiser 1
  • ✚ FREE Super Moisturiser 5ml & RAD SPF 15 5ml

These products will help to cleanse ✔️exfoliate ✔️and feed✔️your skin the ingredients it NEEDS to become healthy and stay healthy. That’s it! Three simple steps are all it takes to achieve your #skingoals no matter what your age, gender, skin type or concern.

*WA, SA & NT only promotion. While stocks last.

Essentials Acne Pack

We are offering you what we believe are the essential key products for problematic, congested, oily and acne-prone skin. Our aim is to KEEP.IT.SIMPLE. We have designed a special Essentials Acne pack.

Included in our Essentials Acne Starter pack:

  • 150ml Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser
  • 60ml Sebu-Lac Lotion
  • 60ml Sebu-ACE oil
  • 50 Sebu-Clear Masque (FREE Environ® Peel Brush included)
  • ✚ FREE Environ® Toiletry Bag
  • ✚ FREE Headband

These products will deep cleanse✔️ decongest ✔️ and feed ✔️ the skin with the nutrients it needs to control problematic skin effectively.

*WA, SA & NT only promotion. While stocks last.