Support & Our Business Hub

We provide business building tools and ongoing support when you take on our products. We believe when you succeed so do we. In addition to our incredible customer service, we offer a range of events, and formal education to help your team confidently prescribe and apply products while keeping them at the forefront of industry developments.

Working in an extremely fast-paced environment we have made marketing easy for you. Our stockist only login section of this website is your one-stop access to print and digital marketing. It also allows you to watch and download educational, training and brand videos.

We are devoted to the success of you, the skincare professional, and the heath of your client’s skin, which is why we focus on referring clients to your business through our dedicated client service department. Vitahealth provides in-depth, hands-on training to develop your knowledge as a skincare professional and enable you to achieve the kind of visible results that will transform your business.

Reasons why you and your clients will love Environ Skincare

⬡ Environ pioneered the use of highly effective does of vitamin A and antioxidants to support healthy-looking skin and combat the visible signs of ageing.

⬡ Dr Des Fernandes, his team and independent collaborators have clinically tested each product to ensure they are effective and safe.

⬡ The Environ range is one of the very few skincare products in the world with its own sterile manufacturing facilities, dedicated chemists and state of the art technology. The products are manufactured and marketed after thorough and exhaustive testing.

⬡ Maximum effectiveness of formulations is maintained by prevention of exposure to light, air, heat and irradiation during manufacture.

⬡ Products are packaged in specific containers which prevent air, light and bacteria from degrading the formula. This ensures that all ingredients retain their efficiency.

⬡ Environ products are suitable for all skin types, all ages, and both genders.

Internationally Award Winning

Environ is driven by results. The active ingredients contained in the Environ range are of the highest quality, sourced from all over the world to deliver effective skincare that is measurable and sustainable over time. Our partnerships with our trained skincare professionals and strategic business partners in WA, SA & NT are vital to the success of our brand.

Environ is only sold in a professional environment where consultations and skin analysis can be carried out by trained professionals. Environ is not sold online or through mass-market channels. Stockist’s benefit from personal contact and the trusting relationships they establish with their clients.

Clients and stockists alike can rest assured that we will always deliver only the highest quality products containing high, effective doses of active ingredients that have passed our own stringent quality tests. Client loyalty is the natural consequence of visible results.

Education & Training

There is nothing more we enjoy doing than sharing our knowledge of Environ with our business partners across WA, SA & NT. For nearly 20 years we have been fortunate enough to witness first hand the profound effect Environ has on delivering its promise, creating beautiful skin.

We provide ongoing education support through dedicated training seminars within our distribution office, as well as team and one-on-one training sessions within individual salons or clinics. We believe in empowering our stockists through professional development that is tailored to both you and your team. We are proud to provide our clients with an annual calendar of educational events hosted in our Perth Training Office, and numerous event venues. These events are facilitated by highly experienced professionals, who not only focus on product knowledge and the core foundations of the range but also on retail selling skills to equip you and your team with the tools and confidence to up-sell and cross-sell, ultimately lifting the average spend.