We’re back, and ready to give you some more social media tips to help boost your content reach.

Last time we covered Facebook; this time we’re looking at Instagram, the sister company.

There is one very important thing to remember when comparing Facebook and Instagram…

Facebook is the big sister, it’s older and generally speaking, it is more popular among the older generation of social media users. Instagram on the other hand is the little sister. Because of its focus on content sharing through visual imagery, both static and moving, it is more popular among the younger generation of social media users.

Here are some tips to up your Insta-Game.

  1. Be clear -make sure people know what you’re about
  • Have a good handle
  • Write a bio that describes your business
  • Include your website URL in the bio
  • Use your business logo as your profile image

  1. Keep your brand’s visual identity consistent – it’s important that your website, and all of your social media platforms has a similar vibe.
  • Stick to the same colours
  • Stick to the same fonts
  • If you’re using a filter, stick to the same one
  • Keep your video and photography style similar

  1. Like other people’s posts strategically – follow your competitors, see what they’re up to, see who’s commenting on their content and get interacting with those people. Check out their profile, give them some likes and maybe even a follow.
  • Engagement is key when trying to build your audience

  1. Use Hashtags – but don’t go over board, everything in moderation
  • Research shows that up to 10 hashtags is the best amount
  • Analyse the hashtags your competitors are using
  • Use hashtags wisely
  • It’s okay to incorporate ‘#likeforlike , #L4L’ etc, but make sure you’re using them sparingly
  • Keep your hashtags at the end of your posts, otherwise it can look messy
  • Save your hashtags onto your computer or phone so that you can just copy and paste them
  • Make sure to use 4-5 core hashtags that you have personally branded for your business

  1. Caption ALL of your content
  • Give your captions personality
  • Make it quirky

  1. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE QUALITY! – The quality of what you’re posting is so important.
  • Don’t post anything that’s shaky
  • Make sure your images are in focus
  • Avoid using an image just for the sake of it
  • Be ruthless

  1. Use Apps – below are two great apps that are helpful when creating posts. They’re easy to use and highly accessible!
  • Canva
  • Layout

Remember that the success of your Instagram profile rests on the quality of content that you are producing.