Q. Tell us about (your clinic or salon)

Bella Rose Skin & Beauty Clinic provides professional treatments in a relaxed home environment that is child friendly, should it be required. The staff are trained to an international level, in which renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandez, has created.

The use of the Environ Brand Skincare along with the technology of sonophoresis and iontophoresis achieves amazing results.

Q. How long have you stocked Environ and what is it about the brand that you value most?

Bella Rose has stocked Environ for the past 9 years. We value the amazing, proven results and the professionalism from the manufacturing to the shelving process.

Q. Do you have a favourite Environ product an/or service/ must have item?

One of my most favourite products is the Revival Masque. Using it myself, I have seen great results – less pigmentation on my facial area.

One of the treatments perform in the salon, is Collagen Induction Therapy, in which I often see proven results achieved in just 6 sessions.

Q.What technology do you incorporate/utilise to document your clients skincare journey? Why is important to your business that you record these results?

During the initial treatment, clients can expect a consultation and a treatment plan, a photo of their skin, focussing on the areas to be improved on. Photo will occur in 3 monthly concessions.

In the salon the DF Machine is used to help with the deeper penetration of the products to achieve the best results.

A tailored plan is created and a take home regime prescribed to continue maintenance between treatments.

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