Q. Tell us about (your clinic or salon) 

A’Veen is a little hidden retreat nestled behind The Flourish Centre, it is a perfect escape for all your beauty needs, a space where you can just relax and enjoy your treatment.

I created this space so I could give my client’s what they really wanted, in a very relaxed environment where they are the only priority.

Q. How long have you stocked Environ and what is it about the brand that you value most? 

I opened late January 2018 and from day one have only stocked Environ Skincare. I knew when I opened my own salon that Environ would be my chosen product after working with it in a past salon for many years and seeing the results.

Q. Do you have a favourite Environ product and/or service/must have item? (individual responses) 

My favourite would have to be Sebuwash and a must have would definitely be a Skin EssentiA Moisturiser.

Q. What would be your best skincare tips and/or advice? 

Always wear suncream, and protect your skin in every way possible. Make sure you keep up with your skincare regime to ensure moisture levels are at their best.

Q. How do you incorporate Environ into your services? 

I use Environ products in all my facial treatments.

Q. What technology do you incorporate/utilise to document your clients skincare journey? Why is it important to your business to record these results? 

I have started taking photos of my clients’ skin and also have being encouraging them to take photos as they begin their skincare journey.

This is important as we look at our face every day and may not notice the subtle changes on the skin, it usually takes someone telling us how good our skin is looking for us to stand back and realise how far it has come.

Q. How does Environ factor into a successful skin transformation?
Vitamin A is so important if you want healthy skin, Environ has incorporated this into their products beautifully and Dr Des only has the skin’s best interests in mind when creating his products. I have seen for myself how important using Environ is when transforming your skin.