Discover Environ® Cool Peel® Technology

The Environ cool peeling system offers a variety of peeling option to meet the needs of skin care therapists around the world. Environ pioneered the production of thicker acidic crams instead of acid solutions. The Environ Cool Peel system provides you with:

  • The safest, most effective peeling method available An exfoliation system developed by a plastic surgeon and used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care therapists
  • A system and technique that is simple to apply and easy to understand
  • A program that is flexible for tailoring the peel to suit your clients, and also complies with various international regulations.

Environ Lactic Acid Cream Peels


The cream peels contain low concentrations of lactic acid however they remain on the skin for a longer period of time, providing the same effects as high concentrations of acid.

LACM Peel Selection:
LACM #1 contains: 2.5% Lactic Acid pH 2.2
LACM #2 contains: 5% Lactic Acid pH 2.1
LACM #3 contains: 7.5% Lactic Acid pH 2.1 (medical use only)
LACM #4 contains: 10% Lactic Acid pH 2.1 (medical use only)

The peeling system preserves as much epidermis as possible and offers a selection of cool peels that range from micro-level to noticeable peeling.

Peeling still remains an important step in the treatment of congested and problematic skin, rosacea, and thick sun-damaged skin conditions. The true Environ philosophy of skin care is best served by light cool peeling, iontophoresis and sonophoresis (using the revolutionary DF machine), and the Roll-CIT™ (cosmetic/home needling) whenever possible for the rehabilitation of cells.